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ewhooopes, spaghette?

Absolutely not.

suphomie? You're the shit

Not much, just watching Conan. Havent' watched it for a while. Charlize Theron is talking about her OCD. Thanks.

stop being so snobby, you used to be fat.

I want to make one thing absolutely clear: I was snobby even when I was fat.

Do you like big butts? Can you lie?

Big butts are nice. And yes I can lie, and I get better everyday.

You guys that was so fucking dumb. CAN YOU TRY BETTER NEXT TIME?

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Don't wanna be a total bummer, but there's no use pretending there aren't things horribly wrong and sad with my life.

One of those things is that this is my room:

Photo Booth

Two miss-matched attempts at ceiling architecture that just stop mid-wall. The other two walls don't even try.

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he BBC believes most people will have only read 6 of the 100 books here.
How do your reading habits stack up?

Instructions: Copy this note and then go to 'write a new note' and paste into your notes then...
Look at the list and put an 'X' after those you have read once. Enter a number for the number of times you read something. Make sure you delete my Xs!

When you've finished, tag 10 people to do it too, and put your total at the bottom.
Oh god. I copied this from a girl I took AP Lit with, and did nothing but deleat Xs.

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1) Copy this list into your blog or journal, including these instructions.
2) Bold all the items you’ve eaten.
3) Cross out any items that you would never consider eating.
4) Optional extra: Post a comment here at www.verygoodtaste.co.uk linking to your results.

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